Families with children

Audio-guided tours for families:
• The audio guide allows tours for families with children,
• The tour path for families with children takes the form of a radio play. The leading character is Hela – a girl who shows children the permanent exhibition by drawing their attention to its selected elements,
• During the tour, Hela points out wooden plaques, or family path stations, at which it is worth stopping to solve a task and get a stamp,
• The audio guide display shows additional information, photos and quizzes,
• The audio guide is included in the price of admission,
• The audio guide for families can also be used by guardians to visit the exhibition at the same pace as children,
• Approximate tour time with audio guide for families is about one hour.

Family path on the permanent exhibition

The family path consists of eight wooden boards spread throughout the exhibition. One can solve interesting tasks at them and stamp a special card. The stamp card is given to each child at the entrance to the exhibition. A booklet with tasks for children – “The Society of Pleasant and Not Necessarily Useful Things” – is an enrichment of the family path.

  • The booklet can be purchased at the Museum cash desk or online>>.

We are prepared for the youngest visitors:
• There are two rooms in the building for a caregiver with a child; the first is located on level 0 by the toilets, the second on the level of the permanent exhibition (level -3, by the toilets),
• The exhibition can be accessed by elevator, moving around the exhibition with a baby stroller is safe and convenient,
• The lounge on level 0 has a children’s play area equipped with wooden toys and furniture for the little ones,
• Children under the age of 7 visit the permanent exhibition and the manor house free of charge (it is necessary to take a free check ticket).

Family tour of the “Milusin” manor house

Due to the historic nature of the “Milusin” mansion and the authenticity of the historic garden, the following restrictions should be kept in mind:
• The paths in the historical garden are covered with gravel, some are less than 90 cm wide: navigating them with a baby stroller can be difficult,
• There is no audio guide for families in the “Milusin” garden and mansion,
• In the “Milusin” manor house there is no toilet for visitors or space for a guardian with a child, please use the toilets in the main building of the Museum,
• Visiting the “Milusin” manor with children is possible only with a child in arms, in a carrier or in a sling. It is not possible to bring baby strollers into the manor,
• In the mansion, do not touch any of the exhibits or step on the antique carpets. The interiors are relatively small and should be navigated with caution, which may be a difficulty for younger children,
• There is no children’s tour in the mansion,
• The history of the mansion and the Piłsudski family presented by the guides may not be very attractive to childwaren under the age of 10.

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