The “Milusin” manor house

The family home of Józef and Aleksandra Piłsudski was built in 1923 according to a design by renowned architect Kazimierz Skórewicz. When the Marshal resigned from state functions, the house in Sulejówek became his place of rest after thirty years of intense activity and work on building an independent Poland.

The historical garden surrounding the manor house highlights the nature close to Piłsudski. A walk through the “Milusin forest” with a recreated vegetable garden, orchard and apiary, allows the visitors to get to know the charms of the former summer resort that Sulejówek used to be.

Due to the unique nature of the place, the “Milusin” manor house, along with the surrounding garden, can be visited only with a guide at designated times.

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Individual tour (up to 9 people)

Basic information:
• The guide is waiting at designated times in the lobby of the Museum,
• Visiting the manor house along the path “At Piłsudskis’ in Milusin” takes about 50 minutes (in the autumn-winter season) or about 90 minutes (in the summer season),
• The number of places in the group is limited,
• Please read the tour regulations,
• The current price list can be found on the Price List page.

Group tours (from 10 people)

Basic information:
• Bookings can be made a minimum of 14 days before the date of the visit,
• A guided group can consist of up to 15 people,
• The tour time is about 60 minutes,
• Groups start the tour at 30-minute intervals,
• The last entrance to the mansion takes place before nightfall,
• Please read the tour regulations,
• The current price list can be found on the Price List page,
• The tour can be booked online.

Please prepare the following data for your reservation request:
• Preferred date and time of the tour,
• Purpose of visit: permanent exhibition or manor house “Milusin”,
• Total number of people,
• Language of the tour,
• Group profile (youth, seniors, people with disabilities),
• Contact information (name and phone number),
• Invoice details (if applicable).

Only certified guides are allowed to tour the Józef Piłsudski Museum. Please see the list (pdf) of certified guides at the Museum.

We accept payments through the PayU system.

If you want to order dinner for a group contact the “Adelcia” restaurant:

Touring the mansion with a child:
• It is not possible to enter the mansion with a baby carriage, visiting is possible with a child in a sling or carrier,
• Guided tours are not content-adjusted for children under 10 years of age. For those interested in visiting with children, please see our offer for families with children.

The “Milusin” manor house, together with the historical park, is a valuable monument of cultural heritage. We all – including visitors – take care of it.

Before visiting the “Milusin” mansion, please read the important information:
• Please be punctual,
• Larger bags, backpacks and luggage should be left in the locker room in the main building,
• Read more about visiting the mansion with children>>.
• It is not allowed to enter the mansion in footwear that can damage the historic parquet (such as high heels),
• The mansion is not adapted to the needs of people with mobility impairments.