Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How do I get to the Museum of Józef Piłsudski in Sulejówek?

The Museum of Józef Piłsudski in Sulejówek is located in Sulejówek at 29 Piłsudski Avenue (Aleja Piłsudskiego 29).

In the area of Sulejówek there is a 2nd ZTM ticket zone. You can get to the Museum:
• By bus line 173 (from Warsaw, destination stop: Aleja Piłsudskiego – Piłsudski Avenue),
• By Fast Urban Railway – SKM or Mazovian Rail trains – Koleje Mazowieckie (destination station: Sulejówek),
• By car (learn more about parking spaces for Museum visitors from page>>),
• By bicycle (it is possible to attach a bicycle to the racks at the building).

Details on how to get there can be found at page>>.

2. Where to park?

Near the Museum there is unguarded and free parking for visitors. The exact location and an access map can be found at page>>. Parking is prohibited on the streets directly adjacent to the Museum grounds (Aleja Piłsudskiego, Ignacego Paderewskiego, Legionów, Oleandrów).

3. What can I see in the Museum of Józef Piłsudski in Sulejówek?

We invite you to visit:
• The permanent exhibition “For the Polish Commonwealth. Józef Piłsudski 1867-1935” – a narrative exhibition depicting the life of Józef Piłsudski and the times in which he lived. The exhibition is located in the main building of the Museum. The exhibition can be visited independently (audio guides are available) or with a guide. Learn more>>
• The “Milusin” manor house with a historical garden – the Piłsudski family home in 1923-1926. The manor house and garden can be visited only with a guide. Learn more>>
• Temporary exhibitions – information about current exhibitions can be found on the museum’s website.

4. During what hours is the museum open?

Information on opening days and hours can be found on the Opening Hours>> page.
Please note that admission to the permanent exhibition is possible no later than 2 hours before it closes. Due to the historic nature of the “Milusin” mansion, the number of places in groups is limited. We encourage you to purchase a ticket in advance online>>.

5. How long does it take to visit the museum?

The time to visit the permanent exhibition, alone, with a guide or audio guide, takes about 2 hours. The time for visiting the “Milusin” manor house and the historical garden, depending on the season, can take 50-90 minutes. Due to the historic nature of the “Milusin” mansion, the number of places in groups is limited. We encourage you to purchase a ticket in advance online>>.

6. How many people can a guided group have?

A group guided tour of the permanent exhibition and the mansion can include a maximum of 15 people.

7. Can I take pictures and film during the tour?

At the permanent exhibition and the manor house “Milusin” you can take photos and short films for your own use. The use of flash is prohibited. The recording of professional materials requires prior contact with the Department of Communications and Promotion, at e-mail: [email protected]

8. Can I rent an audio guide?

Audio guides are offered for the price of a ticket to the permanent exhibition. The following language versions are available: Polish, German, English, Russian, PJM and audiodescription in Polish. The audio guides also include a version of the story adapted for visiting the permanent exhibition via the family path (in Polish). The “Milusin” Manor House can be visited with a guide, audio guides are not available for it.

9. Can children visit the permanent exhibition and the “Milusin” manor house?

With children in mind, we have prepared audio guides with a family tour of the permanent exhibition. For more information about the family tour of the Museum, please visit>>. The offer to visit the “Milusin” mansion will probably not be of interest to a child under 10 years old.

10. Is the Museum adapted to the needs of people with disabilities?

The Museum’s main building is accessible to people with mobility, visual and hearing disabilities. Access may be difficult in the historical garden and in the “Milusin” mansion. Detailed information on the accessibility of the Museum can be found at>>. If you need assistance in organizing a visit to our Museum, please contact the accessibility coordinator, Mateusz Bartnicki, at e-mail: [email protected]

11. How do I purchase a ticket or book seats for a free event?

We encourage you to buy tickets and download free passes online at>>.
Tickets can also be purchased at the Museum’s cash desk (the number of tickets and passes is limited).

12. Is it necessary to book tickets in advance to visit the permanent exhibition or the “Milusin” manor?

We book tickets only for organized groups with a guide. If you want to visit individually, you can purchase tickets online>>. Tickets can also be purchased at the Museum’s ticket office.

13. Is it necessary to have a ticket on the day of free admission to the permanent exhibition?

Yes, free tickets must be downloaded at the Museum cash desk or online

14. How much do normal and discounted tickets cost?

Ticket to the permanent exhibition:
• Normal ticket – PLN 20
• Discounted ticket – PLN 15

Ticket to the “Milusin” mansion:
• Normal ticket – PLN 20
• Discounted ticket – PLN 15

Combined ticket (permanent exhibition and “Milusin”manor house):
• Normal ticket – PLN 36
• Discounted ticket – PLN 27

For detailed information on discounts and prices, please visit the Pricing page >>.

15. Is it possible to book a guide for individuals?

Guided tours for individual visitors are held regularly according to the schedule:
• Permanent exhibition – at designated times, tour dates are available online>>
• “Milusin” manor house – a guide is always included in the price of a tour of the manor; tour dates can be checked online>>

If you would like to visit the permanent exhibition or the manor house with a guide at other times or just on your own, it is possible after booking and paying for the guide service. To do so, please contact the bookings department available at the following email address: [email protected]

16. How can I get involved with the Museum?

For those who would like to get involved with the Museum, we can offer:
• volunteering – for more information visit>>.
• our museum team is growing all the time, feel free to browse our current job openings>>.

17. Is there an entrance fee to the museum store and Adelcia restaurant?

The entrance to the main building, where the Adelcia restaurant, cash desk, Lounge and museum store are located, is free. The entrance to the main square also does not require a ticket.

18. Can I return my ticket?

In accordance with the Regulations, refunds for tickets for individual tours are accepted up to 3 days before the date of the scheduled tour. Refunds for hired guides are accepted up to 5 days before the date of the tour. To make a refund, please send an email to: [email protected]

19. How can I make a gift to the Museum?

The museum is actively acquiring objects for the collection all the time. Those wishing to make donations to the museum’s collection are asked to contact the curator, Roman Olkowski, at email: [email protected]

The Museum’s statutory and program activities can also be financially supported online>>

20. Can I enter the Museum with my dog?

It is not possible to enter the Museum, both the main building and the “Milusin” manor house including the garden, with a dog. An exception is made for people walking with a guide dog.

21. What if I am late for a guided tour?

Individual visitors who are late for a guided tour can join the group. Museum staff will lead the late person to the correct group. If you are late for a guided tour for an organized group, the guide will wait for the group, but the tour will be shortened by the time you are late.

22. Is a special ticket necessary to get to Sulejówek from Warsaw by public transport?

Sulejówek is located in the second ZTM ticket zone, so tickets for the second zone apply. Information on how to get to the Museum can be checked on the ZTM website>>.

A ticket for the second zone is also valid on Fast Urban Railway – SKM and Mazovian Rail – Koleje Mazowieckie (KM) trains from Wola Grzybowska station. It is necessary to have a season ticket to travel on SKM or KM. On KM trains, you can buy a ticket from the conductor.

23. Is it possible to visit the “Milusin” manor house including the garden during the rain?

In case of heavy rain, tours of the garden are limited to walking to the mansion. We have umbrellas for Guests at the Museum, which we rent for the duration of the tour. In exceptional situations (thunderstorms, windstorms) it is possible to cancel the tour due to safety rules.

24. How can I order educational activities for a school/preschool group at the Museum?

The museum has a wide range of educational activities for children and young people of all ages. Detailed information about the offer, and how to order classes, can be found at>>.

25. Can I eat something/ drink coffee in the Museum?

Yes, the Museum has a restaurant called “Adelcia”, which offers dinners, lunches, coffee and pastries. More information about the restaurant can be found at>>.

26. Are headsets used during guided tours disinfected?

Yes. The audio guides used by visitors are disinfected on a regular basis with alcohol-based cleaners.

27. What time is the last entrance to the permanent exhibition?

The last entrance to the permanent exhibition is possible 90 minutes before the Museum closes. After this time, the ticket office is closed and it will not be possible to purchase a ticket. On Wednesdays and Thursdays the last entrance is at 3:30 p.m., on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 5:30 p.m.

28. Is the tour ticket valid for the whole day?

The ticket for the permanent exhibition is issued for a specific hour, but in the case of individual visits it is possible to enter at a different time. A ticket allowing a visit to the “Milusin” manor is valid only at the time placed on the ticket. It is not possible to postpone the tour of the “Milusin” manor house to another hour. Details of visiting the “Milusin” manor can be found on the website>>.

29. I have a bag with me in which I have important things. Can I enter the exhibition and the mansion with it?

It is not possible to enter the permanent exhibition and the “Milusin” manor house with large bags and backpacks. Our guests are asked to leave their belongings in the checkroom or in key-locked lockers. The Museum area is covered by monitoring and protection of qualified personnel.

30. Is it possible to buy souvenirs at the museum?

Yes, the museum has a museum store, on the “0” level, near the ticket offices. The store also offers museum publications.

31. Can I enter the garden to take a picture of the “Milusin” mansion?

No. Entrance to the historical garden is possible only with a guide at set times. It is not possible to enter the garden “for a while”.