We have prepared a “Pre-Guide” that shows what you can expect during your visit to the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek, especially during classes and workshops. Download the “Pre-Guide” (pdf, polish).

If you need additional facilities, assistance, or have questions about the building’s availability and the Museum’s offerings, please contact us:

Mateusz Bartnicki
[email protected]
tel. (22) 778 80 08

Persons with disabilities are entitled to purchase discounted tickets. An assistant to a person with a disability is exempt from paying for tickets.

Information for people with mobility limitations:
• The alley in front of the main entrance and the Museum’s courtyard are covered with gravel, which will cause difficulties for people in wheelchairs. We recommend using the administrative entrance on Paderewskiego Street,
• In the courtyard of the Museum there are two spaces for vehicles of people with disabilities. If you want to use the parking space:
1. drive up to the gate from Paderewskiego Street,
2. call the security guard by pressing a button.
3. the security employee will check the documents authorizing the use of the places for people with disabilities and indicate the parking space.
• Level 0 and level -3 of the main building have no thresholds.
• The permanent exhibition is located on level -3 of the main building, 12 meters below ground level. Visitors use a specially designed staircase, which involves walking down quite long steps. People with reduced mobility are recommended to use the elevator.
• The permanent exhibition is arranged on two levels. You will enter or ascend to level -2 of the Exhibition via an 8% slope ramp with three resting points. You can also use the elevator.
• Ventilation grilles in the exhibition floor are arranged perpendicular to most showcases. The wheels of some wheelchairs may get stuck in the grilles – please be careful when visiting!
• Some of the exhibits in the showcases are not visible from the position of a person in a wheelchair.
• The historic garden is not adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The alleys in the garden are quite narrow and covered with gravel, which is a difficulty for people in wheelchairs.
• The “Milusin” mansion has narrow doors, high wooden thresholds and narrow passageways. Free movement in the manor house with a large wheelchair is extremely difficult – the exception is the living room of the manor house, where visitors can enter with any type of wheelchair. The mansion is not equipped with permanent ramps or driveways.
• At the Museum, we provide wheelchairs for Guests free of charge. Ask the staff if you want to use them.

Information for people with visual impairment:
• Visually impaired people can navigate the Museum’s main building using tactile paths. The streets surrounding the museum complex and the entrances to the building do not have accessibility features.
• The elevators are equipped with a hands-free system to inform them of their operation.
• In front of the entrance to the permanent exhibition there is a tactile model depicting it to help orient yourself in the spaces. There are no tactile paths in the permanent exhibition.
• You can enter with an assistance dog in all spaces made available to visitors.
• You can visit the permanent exhibition with an audio guide, which is included in the ticket price. The recommended tour time with an audio guide is about 2 hours.
• The paths in the historical garden and the “Milusin” mansion do not have mock-ups and tactile paths.
• There is no possibility to visit the “Milusin” manor house and garden with an audio guide with audiodescription.

Information for people with hearing disabilities:
• You can visit the permanent exhibition with an audio guide, which is included in the ticket price. The audio guide has an uploaded track in Polish Sign Language (PJM).
• At the information desk on level 0, you can download induction loops for people with hearing impairments or those hard of hearing. The loop works with most new generation hearing aids.
• There is no possibility to visit the “Milusin” manor house and garden with an audio guide with PJM.
• There are no infrastructural facilities for the hearing-impaired at the “Milusin” mansion and historical garden.

Information for visitors: [email protected]
Group and guide bookings: [email protected]
Phone number (information, bookings): (22) 77 88 000 

The telephone is open from Monday to Friday in hours 9.00 – 17.00.